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Health Glow Face Serum CBD



This face serum puts the glow in your skin. 


You’ll fall in love with every ingredient in this CBD Face Serum.

Hemp Extract: The epitome of secret ingredients, this hemp extract is packed with a full-spectrum blend of cannabinoids, like CBD and CBDA. Cannabinoids are natural compounds that the body needs to support the Endocannabinoid System and keep things balanced. While CBD supplements are exploding in popularity among all ages, CBD face serum delivers the benefits directly to your skin to help promote wellness from the inside out.

Hemp Seed Oil: Yes, there’s a difference between this and the hemp extract mentioned above! Derived strictly from hemp seeds, this oil is jam-packed with omega-3 and omega-6; nutrients that the body needs to thrive.

Blue Chamomile:  This herb is known as “Capable of anything”. Compared to other chamomiles.  Blue chamomile is high in Chamazulene, a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. This essential oil is steam distilled and penetrates deep into the skin to help soothe sensitive skin.

Rose Flower: Highly regarded in the skincare world, rose flower is known to help maintain balance, cleanse, tone, calm and soothe skin. Does a nice job on puffy morning eyes.  The rose water adds a wonderful fragrance.

Jojoba Oil: A must-have ingredient. It serves as both a moisturizer and cleanser removing and thinning sebum clogged pores in acne prone skin. Jojoba oil helps recover dry and chaffed skin, soothing sunburns

Spruce Leaf: A cooling and calming oil that’s great for skin and aromatherapy by supporting relaxation and clearing the senses.




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