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How to Make CBD Part of Your Daily Routine

It has been well established that CBD can help treat a host of conditions and symptoms. This is leading to more and more CBD products appearing on the market all the time. These days, there are tons of ways to reap the benefits that’s CBD usage provides. With all of these different products and methods at your disposal, what are some ways to incorporate them into your daily routine?

Morning Routine

The morning is a great time to incorporate CBD usage to get your day off to a pain free and symptom free start. Tinctures are a great way to receive very fast relief upon waking up. Rather than using CBD tinctures under the tongue, many users actually prefer to add their dosage to their morning tea or coffee. This is an effective way to receive the benefits of tinctures in a more spaced out fashion, as the dosage is received less instantaneously.

Morning is also a great time to take your dosage of CBD oil capsules. For many users, the capsules start providing relief around 45 minutes after consumption.  Thus, taking the capsules after your breakfast and morning medications can allow for the effects to take place as you move on with the day.

Throughout the Day

CBD treatment is very helpful for many users throughout the day. Most people prefer to have a portable and fast-acting CBD solution for convenience during the day. For this reason, CBD tinctures remain a great choice to use throughout the day as well. Patients can simply hold their dose of the tincture under their tongue for 45 seconds and notice the onset only 5 minutes later. Generally, midafternoon is a great time for a second tincture dosage.

You can also take a topical treatment with you throughout the day. Topicals are fantastic for dealing with specific, localized pain. They’re a great thing to have with you at all times because of their rapid impact and portability.

Evening Routine

Your final tincture dosage can take place right before bedtime to help provide symptom relief as you fall asleep. There are several other ways to incorporate CBD into your evening as well. For those that prefer to vape CBD, there are specific strains that seek to offer the user a more sedated effect. For evening relaxation, you can also check out CBD bath bombs. They are a great solution for aches and can serve as a means to begin winding down for the evening.

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