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How Can You Use CBD Oil?


There are several ways to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil. Dr. Weng has a variety of CBD products available for purchase that are proven to reduce anxiety, inflammation, and promote overall wellness. Each product is created with coconut oil, and has no added chemicals. Whole plant infusions make the products balanced, and each new item is tested for safety and effectiveness. How can you use CBD oil and what products does Dr. Weng have that can help ease your symptoms?


Capsules are a long-acting solution. They take a while to be effective, with patients noticing symptom relief an hour after taking a capsule or later. This method is long-lasting, however, and treats moderate to severe symptoms. It is suggested to use the capsules for reducing anxiety, pain, or cancer-related symptoms. The capsules are available in a 25mg potency and a 50mg as well.


Dr. Weng carries a tincture that relieves moderate anxiety, pain, and cancer related symptoms. We recommend this product be used for short-term relief, or to supplement the capsules. Squeeze three to five drops under the tongue and hold for 45-90 seconds before swallowing. This method is fast-acting, and symptoms will be reduced in five minutes or less. The tincture is available in bottles of varying sizes.

Topical Salves

This type of CBD treatment directly effects pain relief and inflammation. Apply one of Dr. Weng’s full spectrum salve products to your skin to enjoy the benefits of CBD as well as to moisturize your skin with the all-natural beeswax included in the product. Enjoy the scent of varying essential oils for a fully relaxed effect.

Product Packages

How can you use CBD oil? Dr. Weng has packages designed to help you include the benefits of CBD oil in your life. The student Wellness CBD Mild to Moderate Anxiety Bundle and the Mild to Moderate Anxiety Bundle are two examples of packages designed to help you use a variety of products to maintain your physical and mental health.

How Can You Use CBD Oil? Learn more with Dr. Weng

Baltimore Progressive Compassionate Care is a medical office dedicated to providing patients with expert, comprehensive care. We offer our patients concierge medical services, wellness supplements and consultation, in addition to medical marijuana for eligible individuals. Experience an improved quality of life with Dr. Weng and Baltimore Progressive Compassionate Care


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