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Exploring Our Student Wellness Bundles

CBD is a wonderful option for students who may be struggling to focus or stay motivated in completing their schoolwork.  Whether your adolescent is having difficulties falling asleep at night or staying awake during the day, CBD calms the minds of anxious students while still providing an uplifting alertness that helps young adults feel excited about the days ahead, without the negative side effects that come with traditional medications.  If the stresses of life are causing your student to feel depressed or uncomfortable, you can help them experience relief with our Student Wellness Bundles

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound in the cannabis plant that, unlike THC, has no psychoactive properties and therefore does not cause you to feel any intoxication.  CBD helps balance our bodies through our endocannabinoid systems and regulates mood, behavior, appetite, immune function, pain perception, and sleep.  CBD also has strong anti-inflammatory properties along with many other therapeutic effects. 

CBD Treatments

CBD has been shown to prevent or relieve pain from a wide variety of illnesses and neurological disorders, such as depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, cancer symptoms, epilepsy, high blood pressure, substance abuse, diabetes, glaucoma, and insomnia.  For young adults who may be suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, severe weight loss, heart conditions, or GI symptoms such as nausea, CBD is a much healthier alternative to the many pharmaceutical drugs that can cause numerous negative side effects throughout a person’s lifetime. 

How to Use CBD Safely

There are concerns about CBD products being sold across the country that may contain harmful ingredients, as well as concerns about how much should be taken to see optimal health benefits.  That’s why we’ve developed our Student Wellness Bundles in order to ensure that adolescents are using CBD safely.  We use a unique strain of professionally cultivated organic whole plant hemp and use independent third parties that test our products to ensure consistent safety, potency, purity, and aesthetics.  Each bundle also includes a personalized card to the student from Dr. Weng with instructions on how to take the product to ensure that students are taking a daily dosage that is optimal for their wellbeing. 

For Any Questions or Concerns You May Have About Our Student Wellness Bundles, Ask Dr. Weng

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